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Mar 24 · 2019

Mar 23 · 2019

Mar 22 · 2019

Mar 21 · 2019

Mar 20 · 2019

Mar 19 · 2019

Mar 18 · 2019

Mar 17 · 2019

Mar 16 · 2019

Half the time we spend in our home is night time, yet we don’t get to experience homes at night before we buy.

Mar 15 · 2019

People often say, “he really stepped up to the plate.” But stepping up to the plate is no accomplishment at all.

Mar 14 · 2019

Robocalls from my area code are out of control.

Mar 13 · 2019

Yesterday’s Daily required the use of Google as a verb, which I knew was a thing. But I wondered about capitalization, so I googled if Google was capitalized when used as a verb. It is not!

Mar 12 · 2019

Yesterday’s Daily referenced a scratch ticket, which first I wrote as scratch-off ticket. Then I googled to makes sure my hyphen was correct and found that the Texas Lottery calls them scratch tickets. Who knew?

Mar 11 · 2019

If winning a dollar on a scratch ticket is considered winning the lottery, which it is, then I’ve won the lottery several times.

Mar 10 · 2019

Sometime I can’t tell if I’m smarter than the average bear or just a bear digging around in a trashcan.

Mar 09 · 2019

Stick your fork in the cream filling and fully submerge the Oreo in the milk, mess free.

Mar 08 · 2019

Six months ago we moved into a new house near an airport. Planes fly over all day. I can’t remember when I heard one last, my mind has tuned them out. Wild!

Mar 07 · 2019

Reviews for new televisions are overwhelmingly positive, more so than most other products. This is because people won’t admit they bought a shit television.

Mar 06 · 2019

Why do new electronics come with generic-brand batteries? You would think by now Duracell would ship with every new Samsung TV remote.

Mar 05 · 2019

This simple life hack will make you feel better—back your car into the parking space/driveway/garage. Try it.

Mar 04 · 2019

Overhead lights are an enemy of the people.

Mar 03 · 2019

Here’s how my creative brain works—I will have a Daily written for every day since I started, or I will delete everything.

Mar 02 · 2019

Some men sit on big leather wallets.

Mar 01 · 2019

Daylight saving time starts in a few days, so the clock in my truck will be right again.

Feb 28 · 2019

My wife is reading a book about finance, I’m writing dumb things on a page that nobody reads.

Feb 27 · 2019

In elementary school we buried a time capsule somewhere on campus. I wonder if it's been opened. It’s probably full of boring things.

Feb 26 · 2019

I’ve tweeted over 1,000 times. There’s only a few that are worth keeping. In 2012 I wrote “Eventually, Olympic commentators will run out of ways to sensationalize ‘not drowning.’

Feb 25 · 2019

You know you’re getting old when next week’s SNL host is someone you’ve never heard of.

Feb 24 · 2019

People in prescription drug commercials are living their lives to the fullest.

Feb 23 · 2019

To work on The Food Network you have to be able to say, “It’s spicy, but not too spicy.” Replace spicy with the adjective of your choice.

Feb 22 · 2019

Glenn Close is the pirate Captain Hook put in the Boo Box.

Feb 21 · 2019

I have this idea for a short film. I’m running from a monster. I make it to my car with seconds to spare but can’t drive off because my wife has the seat too far forward. I press the button, the seat starts to moves back (zzzzzzzzzzz)I’m eaten.

Feb 20 · 2019

The 38th season of Survivor starts tonight.

Feb 19 · 2019

How is it that every reality show competitor, when given an amount of time to complete a task, finishes with only seconds to spare? No one has ever finished even a minute early.

Feb 18 · 2019

Does anyone else use Marie Kondo as a verb? As in, this weekend we should Marie Kondo the laundry room.

Feb 17 · 2019

I use an abundance of italics and em dashes—the italics so that it reads like I’d say it, and the dashes because they’re neato.

Feb 16 · 2019

Three months of Dailies in the books, or on the page in this case.

Feb 15 · 2019

With all the advancements in technology you’d think car manufacturers could figure out how to make objects in the mirror as close as they appear.

Feb 14 · 2019

I had an idea to use augmented reality to stage an empty home for sale. The experience would be sponsored by West Elm, for example. All the furniture and decor would be brand name. I Googled it, it exists. That’s always the case.

Feb 13 · 2019

Do vultures scavenge vultures?

Feb 12 · 2019

Why isn’t the Westminster Dog Show as popular as the Super Bowl? Must be the handlers.

Feb 11 · 2019

Musculature is a word used now and again.

Feb 10 · 2019

Award shows should go on as long as winners want to speak.

Feb 09 · 2019

When I’m four or five days behind on my Dailies, I pour a bottle of wine and write.

Feb 08 · 2019

I have an idea for a blog inspired by Humans of New York, but instead I write down what I think about strangers from a distance.

Feb 07 · 2019

They’ll tell you every dog breed needs exercise, but they trippin’.

Feb 06 · 2019

I like pasta as much as the next guy, but I’m only into tasteful noods.

Feb 05 · 2019

I once wrote that a spike in traffic would be a bad thing.

Feb 04 · 2019

Even fans of super heroes have to be tired of super hero movies, right?

Feb 03 · 2019

The Super Bowl is the most anticlimactic championship game in sports.

Feb 02 · 2019

My favorite Super Bowl commercial is always the one that advertises The Masters.

Feb 01 · 2019

It’s a shame that tribute albums have to be performed by current artists.

Jan 31 · 2019

I want to make everyone happy, so I go ahead and say Graphics Interchange Format.

Jan 30 · 2019

If I share a GIF that someone shared with me, am I a re-GIF-er?

Jan 29 · 2019

Adjective and objective should be pronounced the same. But which way?

Jan 28 · 2019

I don’t covet my neighbor’s anything but when 80% of the country is blanketed in a polar vortex, I’m jealous.

Jan 27 · 2019

When I nap I fall asleep immediately, no matter my contortion. At night I fall asleep only after a 20-minute, choreographed routine, which, you would think by now I could do in my sleep.

Jan 26 · 2019

If your doctor is younger than you, you’re old. Get an older doctor and you’ll be young again.

Jan 25 · 2019

One bag of trash can smell quite different than another. But all trash trucks smell the same. It’s like when you mix all the colors together and get brown—every time, brown.

Jan 24 · 2019

Does anything use a C battery?

Jan 23 · 2019

A recipe calls for two garlic cloves, but how much is that? The size of a garlic clove can vary quite substantially. It’s maddening!

Jan 22 · 2019

Kathryn and I would be good at Jeopardy if it weren’t for questions about authors, poets, composers, politicians, geography, science, and history, among other categories.

Jan 21 · 2019

Relative to the average amount of time a person thinks about a carnival game, I think about Roller Bowler a lot.

Jan 20 · 2019

A person immune to the consequences of his/her vice has it good.

Jan 19 · 2019

Handheld vacuums are made to suck up red pepper flakes.

Jan 18 · 2019

Chicken thighs are in.

Jan 17 · 2019

The appetizer should come to the table well before the entrée. A lot of places get this wrong.

Jan 16 · 2019

Today is my birthday, I am 34. I’ve been driving now for 18 years. I’ve never been pulled over—not once. When the day comes, I will inform the lawman of my record in a plea for leniency. And I hope it plays out on Live PD so my parents can see me on TV.

Jan 15 · 2019

Going to sleep at 9:00 pm I hope never occurs to me.

Jan 14 · 2019

There’s not much worse that waiting to get a haircut.

Jan 13 · 2019

I was taught to use a comma any place I’d naturally pause when speaking.

Jan 12 · 2019

If I were uber wealthy, it’s likely I would buy something online each night before bed—a noise-cancelling dog kennel, for example.

Jan 11 · 2019

“You guys” seems to be an acceptable way to address any group of people.

Jan 10 · 2019

A lot of people don’t like to hear or say the word moist. I feel that way about the word pajamas.

Jan 09 · 2019

The deranged behavior of primetime TV gameshow contestants assures me the shows are fake.

Jan 08 · 2019

“Alexa, pull yourself together.”

Jan 07 · 2019

This home automation techonology is so much more expensive and complicated than The Clapper.

Jan 06 · 2019

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have the best seats at the award shows worth attending.

Jan 05 · 2019

Today I thought of my birthday Daily, 11 days in advance.

Jan 04 · 2019

I often tell my wife she’s the bosst, which means she’s both the best and the boss. There’s no record of it on Google, so I made up a word.

Jan 03 · 2019

Death to “hold my beer” memes.

Jan 02 · 2019

Broccamole is a thing.

Jan 01 · 2019

If I like something you post on social media, I’ve likely had a few drinks.

Dec 31 · 2018

It’s not seven degrees of separation, it’s just one. Pretty much everyone has met Santa Claus.

Dec 30 · 2018

There’s no doubt about it, the Energizer Bunny keeps going and going and going.

Dec 29 · 2018

The ability to talk excitedly about meaningless nonsense is a trait found in many successful people.

Dec 28 · 2018

When I’m asked by a new technology to import my contacts, I shutter. My contacts are in disarray. Brandon, for example, doesn’t even have an email address on file.

Dec 27 · 2018

Squall Line would be the name of my band, because it’s cool, and it’s a band of showers.

Dec 26 · 2018

Pat Sajak could sign a letter with his initials and the reader might think he forgot the postscript.

Dec 25 · 2018

I love the rain because it will forever mean no baseball practice.

Dec 24 · 2018

No more Christmas songs, please—no more originals, no more covers.

Dec 23 · 2018

Being born in 1975 seems just about right.

Dec 22 · 2018

Getting stuff and getting rid of stuff are equally satisfying.

Dec 21 · 2018

Ice is best served cold.

Dec 20 · 2018

You’re sliding your scissors through the wrapping paper like butter, and it tears. And life just isn’t the same after that.

Dec 19 · 2018

I watched my neighbor’s yardmen blow leaves onto someone else’s lawn. That’s messed up.

Dec 18 · 2018

If I could choose any candy bar to eat fresh off the factory floor, I’d choose Twix. Even if it were literally on the factory floor.

Dec 17 · 2018

Writing “hour and a half” feels cumbersome, yet writing “1.5 hours” is even less satisfying. It’s a lose-lose.

Dec 16 · 2018

Yesterday’s Daily took me 45 minutes to write. And bazillion is a word, I did not know that.

Dec 15 · 2018

I had barbecue for dinner. My sandwich came with what seemed like half an onion on the side. This place probably served two dozen onions today, easy. And the joint down the street sliced up another two dozen. The French restaurant across town? More onions. That place in Prescott, Arizona? Onions.

A bazillion onions are gone now, in just one day. How can it be that there will be onions tomorrow? Or steaks, or pasta, or tortillas?

Dec 14 · 2018

It’s hard to believe there are people I went to high school with that are still in school.

Dec 13 · 2018

I’ve been working on a new blog post, in my head, for six months.

Dec 12 · 2018

The greatest Christmas lyric? “He threw a present really hard,
that almost hit Mom's new boyfriend Ray.”

Dec 11 · 2018

I use a thesaurus nearly every day.

Dec 10 · 2018

I don’t know the amount of work that goes into designing a typeface, but charging hundreds of dollars for a single license seems pretentious.

Dec 09 · 2018

Words to be banned: epic, unicorn, rockstar.

Dec 08 · 2018

This daily brought to you by my wife—you know you’re a control freak when you won’t let the learning thermostat learn, because it might do something without your knowledge.

Dec 07 · 2018

I hate the “fail fast” philosophy.

Dec 06 · 2018

My wife’s weather app chimes when it’s about to rain. It makes me so damn happy.

Dec 05 · 2018

On a number of occasions I’ve stood behind a woman who spends a good 15 seconds digging for her credit card only after the cashier has scanned $150 worth of groceries. I guess she spends that time thinking she could be the millionth customer and everything will be free.

Dec 04 · 2018

Brad Paisley should stick to instrumentals.

Dec 03 · 2018

Is there anything better than a fiddle?

Dec 02 · 2018

There’s a certain inspiration that comes with travel, to come home better in some way—better husband, father, friend, coworker. It’s fleeting. I’d love to bottle it up and use as needed.

Dec 01 · 2018

One of the most uncomfortable situations in life is listening to a song someone plays for me, wanting so badly for me to like it.

Nov 30 · 2018

Everything must be maintained.

Nov 29 · 2018

I often type a sentence and then find I’ve left out a word entirely. I thought it, but didn’t write it.

Nov 28 · 2018

A woman waved at her daughter without pause as she made her way through airport security. It took 20 minutes.

Nov 27 · 2018

It’s cringeworthy to take a perfectly packed suitcase and turn it up on it’s wheels.

Nov 26 · 2018

Contestants on The Voice can’t be that good because they’re never heard from again.

Nov 25 · 2018

The more Christmas lights you put up, the more Christmas lights you put up.

Nov 24 · 2018

Right up there with the wheel, the airplane, and the internet, is the paper towel.

Nov 23 · 2018

Survivor continues to be one of, if not the best show on television.

Nov 22 · 2018

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year Americans acknowledge they’re full and still eating.

Nov 21 · 2018

My infant son can’t hide his love for mashed potatoes, I can see it all over his face.

Nov 20 · 2018

Perhaps you float up out of your body shortly before your death, to spare you any suffering.

Nov 19 · 2018

If I were a doll or toy on the train, I’d get off and walk over the mountain, to lighten the load. It’s the least I could do for The Little Engine That Could.

Nov 18 · 2018

Companies are making new energy-efficient light bulbs that look like old-school, incandescent bulbs. This is because everyone has caught on to the fact that CFL light bulbs are dumb.

Nov 17 · 2018

IKEA, an oversized grocery bag on wheels does not a shopping cart make. Give me a proper basket or give me death.

Nov 16 · 2018

I have at least one curious thought a day. I will document them—interesting, obtuse, things I know, things I don’t. It’s likely I won’t keep up, or will delete this page in a month.