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Where the Heart Is

Kathryn and I turn a big page with the arrival of 2014. This New Year’s Eve we’ll toast not only to the past year, but to the past four. Our recent move to Austin has come at the expense of our first home in San Antonio, where we fell in love, and together fell in love with design.

When we’re not working working, we’re working on our home. Countless nights we lie awake and talk rugs — rugs, lighting, flooring, bedding, staging, furniture, art, mirrors, paint colors, textures, fabrics. You name it, we’ve discussed it for three hours at least.

Four years of meticulous decision making and we came to this, our first home documented just before we packed it in a box and moved away. 

And now we’re starting over in Austin, that page turn revealing to us a fresh white canvas, the best kind. We have thousands of new decisions to make, and thousands more to re-make. Luckily we’re just the two to do it. Here’s to the new year.

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