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A Tale of Two Tables

I swept out the shop, tuned up the table saw, and built a pair of tables, one for business and one for pleasure.

Dining Alfresco

The first is an outdoor dining table made of Western red cedar, a wood chosen for its natural resistance to the elements. Designed to seat four to six, its finished dimensions are 72”L × 35.5”W × 29.5”H.

The legs are 4×4 stock, notched to flush with the top of the table. The frame is joined with a series of pocket screws to disguise all metal fasteners. 

Seven equally spaced boards make up the table top, allowing for water drainage and seasonal expansion/contraction of the wood.

A gray wash finish was achieved with one coat General Finishes Gray Gel Stain, and three coats General Finishes Exterior 450 sealer.  

The finish is holding up nicely to the weather.


And we've enjoyed quite a few nights under the stars, dining alfresco.

Board Meeting

The second table is a behemoth, an Amazee Labs conference table designed to seat up to 10 people. Built with construction-grade Douglas fir, it measures 120”L × 44”W × 29.5”H, and weighs nearly 300 pounds.

Etsy provided legs to hold the weight—Industrial Steel T-Box Style Metal Table/Desk Legs. Made to order and shipped from Illinois, the legs came complete with a clear coat finish and handy levelers. 

The table top consists of 15, 2×6 boards, ripped and bookmatched for a symmetrical finish. This  "Rorschach inkblot" feature is one of two unique to the design, the second a whole in the center for power cords.

Each board was glued and screwed to the next, amounting to one solid slab. 

The finish is a combination of one coat General Finishes Java Gel Stain, and three coats General Finishes Gel Topcoat urethane. 

The legs and table top came together beautifully in the space, where the team has enjoyed client meetings and soup days alike.