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Recommending a Frame Color

Recommending a Frame Color

I've been lucky enough to win a few art challenges over at Minted.com, more on that here and here. My latest are both Editor's Picks in the Three Cheers! Minted x West Elm's 3rd Art ChallengeTrumpets at Noon and Departure.

What follows is for you in the Minted community.

Launching (or self-launching) an art piece requires you recommend a frame color to potential buyers.

I always struggle to choose because I can't see my art in each frame. I'm a very visual designer, to which many of you can relate I'm sure.

To ease my pain, I created a Photoshop Document (PSD) in which I use one Smart Object to quickly display my art in all 11 frames.

Because it's so darn helpful, I'm sharing my PSDs with you. Here's how it works —

1 )  Click here to download the file, minted-frames.zip

2 )  Decompress (unzip) the downloaded file. Google knows how if you don't.

3 )  Open the folder and then the PSD that corresponds to the format of your art — landscape, portrait, or square.

4 )  At the top of the Layers panel, double-click the Smart Object thumbnail.

5 )  A blank canvas will open. Each canvas has been formatted to accept the low-res version of art you submitted to the challenge, the long side at 550 pixels. Here are the specific dimensions —

6 )  Paste your art on the blank canvas, save the Smart Object, and return to the original PSD.

Voila! I believe I'll go with Natural Premium Wood for this one.

Note: I created these files with Photoshop CC (2014). I can't guarantee they're compatible with older versions of the program, my apologies in advance if it doesn't work for you.

Happy framing!

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