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Austin Bound

My wife and I are moving to Austin, Texas. We haven't made a big fuss about the move to this point, but we've surely made some exciting progress.

They say the thirtieth time's a charm and wouldn't you know we looked at exactly 30 houses before we found this gem (pictured above) in Northwest Hills.

Within two hours of getting the keys, we had this fireplace bench/box/thingy torn out. We felt the need to make it ours, like a dog marking his territory, you know?

Then we handed it over to the professionals for some good ol' fashioned popcorn removal.

While we had them on stilts we figured they ought to install some recessed lighting.

Kathryn got in the mix as we made the transition from ceilings to floors. According to the manufactured-date on the back of the pieces, this laminate wasn't but a few months old. But it had to go, it was pretty fugly.

Currently we're trying to decide on a paint color, we've narrowed it down to just under 43 shades of white.

The dogs aren't really sure about any of this.

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