High Heat art print on Minted.com

I like big art, so I optimize my photographs for big prints. 

High Heat is available for purchase in sizes up to 60" x 44" —

The detail you'd get at that size is pretty sweet.

There are two kinds of people in the world — those that would play Wheel of Fortune by sneezing the letters, and those that would never think to.

Trumpets at Noon and Depature, Minted Wins

Two new products are up in my Minted online store, both recent contest wins.

The first, Trumpets at Noon (left), is a photograph I took of Prague Castle amid its daily Changing of the Guard ceremony. There's a lot of great detail in here, ideal for a big print.

The second, Departure (right), is a picture from our gate at Washington Dulles. The plane in taxi is blurred, the only thing moving out there. Departure is also available in black and white.

I'd love you to have one!

Minted Recommended Frame Color

I've been lucky enough to win a few art challenges over at Minted.com, more on that here and here. My latest are both Editor's Picks in the Three Cheers! Minted x West Elm's 3rd Art Challenge — Trumpets at Noon and Departure.

What follows is for you in the Minted community.

Launching (or self-launching) an art piece requires you recommend a frame color to potential buyers.

I always struggle to choose because I can't see my art in each frame. I'm a very visual designer, to which many of you can relate I'm sure.

To ease my pain, I created a Photoshop Document (PSD) in which I use one Smart Object to quickly display my art in all 11 frames.

Because it's so darn helpful, I'm sharing my PSDs with you. Here's how it works —

1 )  Click here to download the file, minted-frames.zip

2 )  Decompress (unzip) the downloaded file. Google knows how if you don't.

3 )  Open the folder and then the PSD that corresponds to the format of your art — landscape, portrait, or square.

4 )  At the top of the Layers panel, double-click the Smart Object thumbnail.

5 )  A blank canvas will open. Each canvas has been formatted to accept the low-res version of art you submitted to the challenge, the long side at 550 pixels. Here are the specific dimensions —

6 )  Paste your art on the blank canvas, save the Smart Object, and return to the original PSD.


Voila! I believe I'll go with Natural Premium Wood for this one.

Note: I created these files with Photoshop CC (2014). I can't guarantee they're compatible with older versions of the program, my apologies in advance if it doesn't work for you.

Happy framing!

I tinkered with m'pappy's old record player for a month, trying to get it up to speed, literally. I had it repaired professionally but still it played a beat slow. Eventually I gave up and ordered the Orbit, a new school record player from U-Turn Audio.

I found a great online marketplace for used vinyl, Discogs, from which Kathryn and I ordered a few to get us started. We picked favorites, but also carted some "must-haves" according to Google.

Admittedly I don't know much about Pink Floyd or Led Zeppelin. While I take them for a spin, square up with me and Spotify some Keith Whitley.