Fenway Park, Right Field Roof Deck Box 33, Row A, Seat 3
Fenway Park, Grandstands

Top — Fujifilm X-Pro1  |  14mm  |  ISO 200  |  f/4  |  1/60  |  HDR 

Bottom — Fujifilm X-Pro1  |  14mm  |  ISO 400  |  f/2.8  |  1/150

Kathryn and I visited Boston this past weekend for work. Before we left town we caught a Red Sox game in historic Fenway Park. 

As visiting legend Derek Jeter stepped to the plate in the first inning, I bracketed a few photos of the park at sundown (top photo). At the time, I convinced myself I wouldn't need another image of Fenway, anticipating a hard-to-beat HDR result. And it is quite spectacular.

But later that night I lazily snapped a pair of pictures from the grandstands, and when editing the lot, one caught my eye (bottom photo).

I'm left thinking the bottom image is better — more artistic, less Fenway brochure.

Satisfaction is for the birds.

There are two kinds of people in this world — those that notice Stanley Steemer changes their jingle every other week, and those that don't.

orange butterfly on tree bark

Fujifilm X-Pro1  |  35mm  |  ISO 200  |  f/2.2  |  1/500

I think this is the sharpest photo I've ever taken, thanks in most part to available sunlight and a willing subject.

Cardinal eggs in nest

Fujifilm X-Pro1  |  35mm  |  ISO 400  |  f/2.8  |  1/15"

A bird made this stunningly intricate nest in a shrub just outside our window. A bird!

This particular bird we call Crimson, Kathryn named her. Just this morning, three baby Cardinals hatched, not yet named.

Austin Lightning, Pizza Delivery

Fujifilm X-Pro1  |  14mm  |  ISO 800  |  f/11  |  9"

An hour on the driveway tonight yielded this photo of a pizza delivery in progress.